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Hi, I'm Char.

I'm a fiction writer and a writing coach.


Well, that's a vaguely intimidating question, isn't it? I think I'm still figuring that out, and I think if you're a fellow writer, you probably know how difficult it is to just be one person.

I could, however, tell you a little bit about who I have been so far.

I was born in sunny Croatia, and as every other writer who has ever lived - yes, I always knew that writing was my thing.

I moved to the UK by myself when I was 17, to study film (up to the ever-grey Scotland) which was a MASSIVE change from my home country. But, fast-forward 7 years and I'm still here. I think I must love it a little more than I truthfully let on.

I knew that besides being an author, I wanted to have my own thing too.


Before I started The Plottery, I used to coach video editors & designers, but I knew I'd enjoy coaching writers more, so in 2021 I started an Instagram account where I posted consistent writing advice. This was going to be my new thing!

I wasn't selling any services back then, but once I started to accumulate a strong following, people began messaging me on a daily basis - asking for my help, my personalised advice and whether I would work with them.

This is why I crafted my 1:1 coaching program - Power Plotter.

Because of my background in film studies, my novel planning methods have roots in writing for screen! In fact - my whole program is based on screenwriting foundations, which is what makes it different from other coaching programs. I believe screenwriting holds the best secrets to no fluff storytelling, strong plots, vivid characters and natural “show not tell” methods which you will learn to translate into your book!


So, you might be wondering - what kind of writing do I do?

Generally, I enjoy writing literary & contemporary fiction most! My current project is a contemporary LGBTQA+ novel titled The Wonky Shapes of Liam, which follows the story of Stan, an anxious teenage boy who develops feelings for his best friend Liam. Liam resides in a nearby orphanage, and beyond figuring out their friendship, they must deal with arising memories of Liam's enchanting mother, which continue to haunt them both.

I like to tackle themes of friendship, love, individuality and inner strength. I also cover topics concerning mental health & disabilities.

The Wonky Shapes of Liam is currently undergoing its second draft.

I will keep my writing & publishing journey up to date on my Instagram page, because I want to share each step of the way with you first!

If you'd like to read my writing, you can find some of my short stories further down this page!

I'm also a writer at Novlr's Reading Room.

Want to have a look at my author page?

My short stories

short story by Char

     When the calendar flipped to October this morning, we knew that the Goods were on their way to us. Mr. and Mrs. Good were among the most punctual of our guests, and check-in opened at noon, which meant that we would have precisely one hour after breakfast service to set up our welcome.

     They had been coming to the hotel every October for the past three decades to celebrate their anniversary of marriage. During the first few years they’d visited the island, they would come down to breakfast every morning full of questions about the hiking routes around the coastline, and Mr. Good would outline their day’s itinerary over a cup of black coffee and two poached eggs. They’d come back at dinner time and tell the tales of their adventures to whichever server had been working that night.

short story by Char

     I was a woman of my word.
     To step out onto the stage was one thing. I was born for it. Breathed for it. But to be met with dull eyes of three beer-bellied, middle-aged men and a barely legal bartender as my only spectators? 
     I froze. 
     Skittering lights danced over the dark dusty interior before me. A cough from one of the gentlemen. Anticipation over my performance, maybe? He turned to the bar and ordered another pint. A definite no.
     My high heel clicked against the concrete of the tiny stage as I backed away, ready to pull the entire show. Then, a girl – no more than ten years old – ran out of the bathroom and into the arms of a man at the frontmost table. When her eyes landed on me, she gasped.


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