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Want to blog for The Plottery?

Apply by July 10!

We’re now open to applications for 2-3 bloggers to contribute 3 monthly blog posts to our website.

The details of your employement

  • up to 3 blog posts per month during your trial (anywhere between 500-2,000 words)
  • you’ll be paid $40 per post for the first 2 trial months, then your rates will move up to $0.1 per word, with an agreed upper cap on wordcount
  • your name and socials featured on the blog page
  • your blogs will be regularly promoted on our social media and our email newsletter
  • freedom to blog about anything to do with books and writing
  • blogs should be an original piece of work, with a strong author voice, and should not be reused or reuploaded elsewhere
  • you’ll be in the behind-the-scenes groupchat with everyone from The Plottery
  • you’ll get free access to Novel Plotting Academy and The Writer’s ToolBoox

How do you apply?

Fill out the form below with your details and one original blog piece titled: This is what I learned on my quest to write the perfect book

Rules for submission:

  • your piece should be under 1,000 words
  • your piece should be 100% original work, and not published before
  • it should have a strong authorial voice
  • it should be structured as a standard blog with an introduction of a question, the middle as attempt to answer it, and a conclusion
  • you may use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and similar
  • you may use gifs or imagery
  • the file should be submitted as a doc or pdf


You should also submit an author bio:

  • up to 100 words
  • using your unique voice


We require a CV (in pdf form), but you don't have to have had any previous experience in blogging. This is a beginner position and we're only really looking for you to have a strong voice, passion for writing, and a will to learn and grow with us.

Apply for the position now!

Fill out the form

If you're successful in your application, you will hear from us by August 15th at the latest. Please note that if you have not received an e-mail by then, your application has been unsuccessful at this time.