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Learn the ins and outs of developing strong characters, with a proven method and templates for character crafting in this 3-day masterclass!

Do you want to learn the exact science behind crafting a strong, relatable and complex character every single time you decide to?

Join this 3-day masterclass for just $19.99



Day 1 will cover the very basics of character creation, including how to handle physical description, create unique character voices, name your characters, work out their personalities, and we'll get to know the 12 archetypes!

Dramatic Portrait



Day 2 will start with a deeper look into the 12 archetypes, but the main focus of this lesson will be on character motivations and internal conflict - the most important part of making a character. We will also cover character backstories here.

Standing in the Rain



Day 3 will focus on specific character types: such as crafting a relatable protagonist, or a strong villain, and managing a diverse cast of characters.

Comes with a fillable workbook!

You get your own workbook which contains all the most important information you will learn in the class, along with a ton of exercises and character templates you can use to craft your characters!

This workbook alone is worth more than the price of the class!

By joining, you will also receive an exclusive 40% discount off the 12-month cost of Novlr when you sign up for an annual subscription!

Novlr is the only software I use for my own writing, and one I recommend to all of my clients.

The class will be conducted LIVE inside a facebook group over the weekend of 13/14/15 May.

You do not need to attend live, as replays of the class will be available as soon one's finished, and you will be able to come back to these at any time.

* The workbook will become available inside the group 24 hours before the start of the first lesson, and will also be sent out via ​e-mail, along with the recordings of each livestream.

FOR JUST $19.99

The price is a total for the full 3 day course with no extra or hidden costs. It includes the workbook, recordings of the class, and access to the Facebook group for 1 week after the end of the course to connect with other writers.

You'll BE redirected to join the facebook group straight after your payment.

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up for your tickets, you'll receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your purchase and you'll be redirected to a site with the link to the facebook group where the class will be held on the specified dates.

Join the group and mark your calendar for May 13!

The first livestream will begin at exactly 18:00 at British Summer Timezone (BST), and will last 1 hour. The following 2 livestreams will happen at the same time on May 14 and 15.

The handbook you will receive with this course (which will contain all the information in written form + fillable exercises and templates) will become available 24hrs prior to the first livestream. This will be posted in the Facebook group and sent out to your e-mail.

You will also receive another welcome e-mail within 24hrs of your purchase with a link to the group, in case you missed this or were unable to join.

And if you have questions...

Do I have be there for the livestream?

No. The livestreams will stay in the facebook group as videos you can replay. You will also receive a copy of all 3 livestreams & the handbook in one final e-mail after the last class is finished. However, I do encourage you to come to the stream as I'll do a quick Q&A after each class so you can ask your questions! :)

Do I have to have a facebook profile?

Yes! This is definitely one of the major requirements for to be able to participate in the livestreams, and to connect with other writers within the group. However if you're happy to simply receive the handbook and the recorded livestreams once the final class is finished, then you do not need to join the group at all.

Do I have to print out the worksheet?

No. The workbook is an interactive, fillable pdf.

Will this really improve my characters?

Yes, 100%. If you show up for the class, listen to what I take you through and complete your worksheets, I can guarantee you will notice an improvement in the way you craft your characters! I'm confident in my process of character creation and it's why I want to share it with you.

Why should I trust your judgement of good characters?

I'm basing this course entirely off of psychological facts and storytelling elements that make up a strong complex character - an interesting character, rather than a good one. I'm simply giving you all the tools you'll need to ultimately make these decisions yourself, and to be able to tell whether your character feels compelling enough.

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