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Plotter's Almanac

A digital interactive e-book with step-by-step story structure breakdowns, theory & examples for plotting with printable, fillable & customizable outlines, chapter treatments, and writing trackers.

What you'll get:

The Plotter's Almanac E-book with

  • Step-by-step plotting method that always works
  • Theory on important plotting elements, such as premises, themes, story questions, subplots...
  • Breakdowns of the 5-act, 3-act, and Save the Cat outlines
  • Fully customizable Canva templates for: 3-act Structure, 5-Act Structure, Save the Cat Structure, Chapter Treatments, and Writing Trackers

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What People Are Saying:

I was having a look through the manuals you've just created, and they look like amazing and comprehensive resources that will help craft strong stories off of, they really do look incredible can't wait to use them myself!

Alexis | Current Coaching Client

These books are every writers dream! I’ve ordered other workbooks before, but they’re always fill-in-the-blank with a bunch of repeat pages and weird, irrelevant questions. This is the first one I’ve seen that actually has invaluable reference material and explains why certain elements are important. Plot, Character creation and worldbuiling are the three major pillars to telling an engaging story, and if one falls flat it can capsize the whole boat. These workbooks will guide your creative process and help you elevate your story without stripping away the fun or originality. Ugh I’m in love! Not to mention there’s customizable templates so you can interweave your story while learning.

L. T. Ellis