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The coaching program that takes you from an idea to your first draft using the power of outlining.
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❤️ Hi, I'm Char! ❤️


I have a degree in Filmmaking & Screenwriting, and an MA in Creative Writing, living up in the cloudy country of 📍Scotland📍, where I moved 8 years ago from my home country - Croatia.

I started The Plottery in 2021, sharing writing tips & tricks, and slowly accumulated a strong following of aspiring writers. As people came to me asking for help with their writing struggles, I decided to listen!

Now I coach aspiring writers and teach them how to finish their novel without the struggles they are used to experiencing. I've worked with over 20 personal clients and 200+ students in my Novel Plotting Academy.

Because of my background in film studies, my novel planning methods have roots in writing for screen! I believe screenwriting holds the best secrets to no fluff storytelling, strong plots, vivid characters and natural “show not tell” methods - and it's the reason I've decided to create this program!

Meet my other coaches

Hear from some of the amazing people I've worked with.


I started working with Femke just under 3 months ago, on an incredible historical fiction novel. We started with a very vague idea - she wanted to write about something she was researching in the archive where she worked. Out of that simple idea, her story with two narrators at two separate times in history - with one very similar goal - was born.

Eve came to me with a story of 500,000 words that came out of her in the span of just 2 months... I'd never seen anything like it, and she'd made me laugh so much during our discovery call, I just had to take on the challenge. Now - we've got one comprehensive plot that she boiled down to the core - which shows a beautiful story of self-healing.

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How the program works

Here's a step-by-step overview of what you can expect from working with me!

✂️ Bi-weekly feedback ✂️

You'll get pages of consistent feedback on any work you submit for the project you choose to work on!

And no, there's no cap on the word count.

Newest addition?

We have a community space for all Power Plotters on Discord. This group gives you the unique opportunity to chat with all of my current & past clients, so you can:

📌 get unique feedback on your work

📌 exchange manuscripts for beta reading

📌 support writers like yourself on their author journey and receive that support back

📌 participate in monthly events & challenges

And the best part? You get lifetime access to this groupchat.

This means we can stay in touch even after the program, you can continue to work on your project with the group's & my support, and you can keep us posted on your publishing journey!

I'm always happy to promote all of my clients' work.

I'm ready to start!

Here's everything you're getting


📌 10+ hours of 1:1 coaching sessions (10 bi-weekly calls of 60-90 minutes each)

📌 Daily support via text chat to discuss progress and ask questions (I use Discord, Skype or e-mail to stay in touch with my clients!) 

📌 Lifetime access to the Power Plotters private Discord chat and private online community (with challenges, workshops, and write-ins!)

📌 Unique and easy to implement templates to guide you through your planning journey!

📌 Pages of consistent feedback on all your work related to the project you choose to work on

📌 Worksheets, cheat sheets, trackers & useful e-books to keep you motivated!

❤️‍🔥 BONUS: A year of full access to my online course: Novel Plotting Academy

❤️‍🔥 BONUS: A year of full access to my online course: Pro at Prose

❤️‍🔥 BONUS: The Writer's Toolboox

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Bonus: Novel Plotting Academy!

With purchasing my coaching program, you also get instant full access to my online course: Novel Plotting Academy, as well as any of its future updates or add-ons.

It's the perfect course to take in advance of Power Plotter and prepare your project idea so you can take full advantage of our 1:1 sessions.

Check out what's included in NPA

Bonus: Writer's Toolboox!

With purchasing my coaching program, you also get my three essential workbooks for writers!

📌 The Character Bible

📌 The Plotter's Almanac

📌 The World Builder's Chronicle

Check out the Toolboox you'll get!

Want to get started?

I won't ask you to invest anything until after you've filled out the sign up form, we've had a call, and you decide you're happy to proceed!

Once you're ready to get started, you can choose between:

6 monthly instalments


Lower payments to spread the cost of the program over 6 months.

Pay in full


Save over $500

One payment at the start of the program covers everything.

Have you already got Novel Plotting Academy? You can get up to $200 off when signing up for my coaching through the full payment option.

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