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Meet Jasmina!

Editor & Coach | Fantasy, romance, literary, poetry, non-fiction

I’m a London native, yet despite having the city at my fingertips, I’ve always been fascinated by the worlds within stories. I’ve also, peculiarly, got an American accent (thanks, Mum). I wrote my first book or, rather, attempted to write my first book when I was seven. Since then, it’s been hard to keep a pen out of my hand or my fingers from straying to my keyboard.

I studied English Literature and Creative Writing before pursuing my MA in Contemporary Literature at King’s College London. 

While doing my undergrad, I also started working for a small publishing house, before, five years later, starting my own publishing company, Little Lion Press. I have six years of editing experience working with a wide variety of genres, from literary fiction to non-fiction to poetry to fantasy.

I write a pretty eclectic mix of stuff, predominantly poetry and fantasy. I published my first anthology, Gallery Tour Through Grey Matter, and my fantasy book, Fire of the Blood, with my publishing house in 2021.

What am I looking for in a story?

In terms of genre, I would love to work with fantasy or romance writers, but I'm also interested in literary and contemporary fiction. I'm also looking to take on non-fiction books and poetry.

I’m particularly drawn to literature with accurate depictions of mental illness and trauma, as well as those that touch upon themes of perseverance and found family.

Meet Lucy!

Editor & Coach | Historical, crime, feminist, speculative, literary & commercial fiction

I am a novelist and creative writing tutor and mentor living in Oxford.

My debut novel, One More Chance, the story of a young mother battling imprisonment and addiction, was published in 2018 with Dialogue Books and was a finalist in the Exeter Novel Award. My next novel, Things We Lose in Waves, was published in November 2023 and my next novel will be out in 2025.

I have taught creative writing at all levels up to undergraduate for more than ten years, and I’m currently teaching at Oxford University. I also offer mentoring for new writers.

What am I looking for in a story?

I am comfortable working with commercial and literary fiction, and also specialise in historical, crime, and feminist fiction. I would love to work on a historical crime novel with a love story at its heart, or a piece of speculative fiction dealing with big political ideas in a fresh way.

I am particularly interested in working with writers who are returning to writing after becoming parents or have had some other major challenge to their identity (like retirement or a period of mental or physical ill health). I passionately believe that the best writing comes out of times of change.

Meet Beck!

Writing Coach | Fantasy, queer literature, sci-fi, mystery

I am an American in Edinburgh with my MA in Creative Writing and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. I have a BA in Theatre Arts, where I focused primarily on directing and playwriting.

I'm currently drafting my debut novel: a YA fantasy story about a princess who lacks the magical ability she was promised, and a pirate who possesses a power she does not understand or want. I'm an avid reader of fantasy and queer contemporary romance and I'm constantly on the lookout for genre fiction with strong LGBTQ representation.

What am I looking for in a story?

I want to work with writers who are passionate about their projects, whether you're just developing a tiny nugget of an idea or you're deep in the process of drafting. I adore fantasy and queer romance specifically. I'm also drawn to sci-fi or a good mystery, but any genre will catch my attention.

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Meet Ari!

Editor & Coach | Speculative fiction, fantasy, horror

I'm an Egyptian American with a mixed heritage and a British education. Now, if that's confusing to you, imagine how I feel.

My childhood and adolescence were spent in the public library, absorbed in any fantasy book I could get my hands on, and every librarian there knew who I was. As I grew up and began to see the work that went into every story I was reading, I moved on to my next obsession - the craft of writing.

When I was thirteen, my brother gave me a copy of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, and I began on my journey. Since getting my degree in Creative Writing, I've been an editor for the past four years, helping writers hone their skills and manuscripts. As for my writing, a few of my short stories have been published, and my debut urban fantasy novel is still in its gestation period.

What am I looking for in a story?

I would love to work on manuscripts that fall under the umbrella of speculative fiction (fantasy, magic realism, horror, supernatural) but I favor urban fantasy and its subgenres.

As a reader and editor, I gravitate towards stories that deal with the conflicts and issues arising from power and imbalances, the pursuit of justice and found-family.


What is my editing philosophy?

I wholly believe that by the end of our time together, not only should your manuscript be better, but you should have grown as a writer.

When I make any changes or edits (beyond grammar and syntax), I will explain the issue and give different ways to address it. My edits are not set in stone should you not like them. By looking at all possibilities and working together, we can polish your writing without compromising your style and purpose.

Meet Char!

Founder, Coach, Editor | Gothic, horror, historical, literary, thriller, queer literature

I have a degree in Filmmaking & Screenwriting, and an MA in Creative Writing, living up in the cloudy country of 📍Scotland📍, where I moved in 2015 from my home country - Croatia.

I started The Plottery in 2022, sharing writing tips & tricks, and slowly accumulated a strong following of aspiring writers. As people asked me for help with their writing struggles, I decided to listen!

Now I coach aspiring writers and teach them how to finish their novel without the struggles they are used to experiencing. I've worked with over 50 personal clients and 400+ students across my courses.

Because of my background in film studies, my novel planning methods have roots in writing for screen! I believe screenwriting holds the best secrets to no fluff storytelling, strong plots, vivid characters and natural “show not tell” methods.

My debut novel is a gothic historical family drama and queer romance, currently undergoing beta reads, and edits, soon to be sent to agents.

What am I looking for in a story?

Having mentored over 50 personal clients in the past two years, I am slowly moving away from coaching and into editing. I won't be taking on as many projects and clients as I used to, so my spots are limited, but if you have an intriguing manuscript with dark, unconventional, or queer undertones, I'm there.

I love any project with a strong purpose, one that can move me and tug on the old heartstrings. I'm especially interested in working with projects which are not afraid to be honest, uncomfortable, and challenging, and those that tackle topics no one likes to talk about. I die for literary stories with a touch of horror, and I live for sad endings.

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The Creatives

Meet Barry!

Head of Creative Content

Barbara is a Hungarian graphic designer and video editor. She's behind all the wonderful designs that make The Plottery brand stand out. She also oversees The Plottery's blog.

If you'd like to hire Barry for design services, drop her an email on [email protected]

Meet Elizabeth Miles!


Elizabeth Miles is a full-time stay-at-home mom and part-time author during breaks from chasing down over-confident toddlers. Mystery, romance, and fantasy are her favorite genres for both reading and writing. You can find her on Instagram (@authorlizziem) and TikTok (@authorlizziemiles)!

Meet Juliana!


Juliana Palermo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works as a freelance editor and book cover designer, but you will find her drinking coffee and daydreaming during working hours. She is currently writing her first fantasy novel. You can find her as @julippalermo both on Instagram and Twitter. 

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