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"Brilliantly accessible foundation that will set you up for your entire writing career. Char takes the chore out of plot development."

Pamela Koehne-Drube | Writer, Editor & Community Lead at Novlr


You're done with excuses. You're going to finally finish your novel.

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You've got a pretty awesome idea for your story...

elf girl

...and characters you know readers are gonna love...

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...and you seriously want to write this novel.

The problem is... you keep getting stuck.


You come up against writer's block more often than not, you don't know how to solve your obvious plot issues or create a convincing outline, and you can't keep a writing routine to save your life.
If only you could craft the perfect outline...
If only you could stick to a daily writing routine...

All of your problems would be solved. That's what the experts online tell you anyway.

 But the more you force yourself, the harder writing feels. 

And then everyone also tells you that's normal! Writers should hate writing, right? Otherwise, they're not real writers. 

...can you taste the sarcasm dripping off my words?

What if I told you writing didn't have to be a struggle?


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Pamela Koehne-Drube
Writer, Editor, and Community Lead at Novlr

Char’s programme is a great way to start a novel, especially if you’re a new writer.  It’s brilliantly accessible and provides a solid foundation that will set you up for your entire writing career.

Char gets you to think about what goes into a compelling story, starting from the seed of an idea and building it out in an intuitive, interesting and, best of all, fun way! She takes the chore out of plot development.

Jasmina Coric 
Author, Editor, and CEO at Little Lion Press

I’ve written six books and have had a plotting system for years that I didn’t think could be improved upon.

Enter Char and her plotting methods. Char is really gifted at not only telling you what to do, but helping you understand why you’re doing it and how to do it.

As crazy as it sounds, after finishing the programme, I went on to write my first draft in seven days! This programme is a must for first time writers or experienced authors.

...so what is 'Soft Plotting?'

And why is it perfect for you?

Hey, I'm Char!

I'm on a mission to help writers like you finally structure and finish that project that I know you have stuck in your head.

I'm the owner of The Plottery and a writer, but before I was anything, I was just as lost as you might be right now.

I was stuck deep in writer's block and impostor syndrome, and had an insane case of perfectionism mixed with a fear of failure.

The perfect recipe for a burnt out writer struggling to finish literally anything I start.

Like you, I thought the problem was either that my story outline was horrible, or that I couldn't stick to a routine.

I fixed the outline part quite easily (lots of research and a Creative Writing Master's Degree later), and now call this the STRUCTURE part of my Soft Plotting method.

Unfortunately, I thought structure was all I needed. So I started working with writers 1-1 to help them overcome this issue, too.

I quickly realized that no amount of story structure or routine writing would fix my clients' mindset issues and vastly different approaches to writing.

For two years, I worked with over 50 writers on a personal level and learned about each individual mindset block they would come up against. Most importantly, I learned the value of NURTURE. This is the second leg of my Soft Plotting approach.

I experimented on myself, too, and got my answer that this approach worked when I finished my debut novel without routine or force in 1 year, while running a full-time business and attending a full-time MA course. Then I started helping my students with way more confidence to achieve the same result.

It didn't have a thing to do with what most writing advice tells you.

It was very simple.

I taught myself to adore writing as wildly and innocently as when I was a child.

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Laura's story

"This programme has made my writing feel so much more enjoyable, focused and professional."

After a disheartening pitch to her agent, Laura reached out to me for help with structure and clarity. I worked with Laura on a 1-1 coaching basis for 5 months in which she completed two full drafts of her novel. 

We didn’t obsess over the plot but focused on the WHY behind her story, the motivations of her characters, and the true purpose of her narrative.

Her new manuscript is now receiving incredible feedback from readers.

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Soft Plotting Program

A 1-year program that mixes live support and learning with extensive pre-recorded courses and a library of digital books & templates to help you finish your novel and find childish joy in writing again.


This program will take you from...

Imagine if you could...

Banish writer's block for good
Find your voice and purpose
Craft compelling characters
Nail story structure
Finally finish your novel

...and any other project you start

...all in just one year?

Yes, I'm ready!

The Learning Support

During this year, you will get access to our entire learning library with 2 extensive courses to teach you project prep and character work and the art of writing prose.

(Psst... There might be another surprise course for you.)

Novel Plotting Academy

Pro at Prose

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The Live Support

Most writers I work with thrive on having a place to go to be held accountable and someone to bounce ideas off of. This is why the live support is such a huge part of this program.

I'll be checking in with you through your year-long journey and help you out of any blockades you may fall into.

Community chat

We have our own Discord groupchat for members of this program. I live on Discord and love to chat to writers.

Besides only me, though, you'll get to meet other writers, make connections, exchange manuscripts for feedback, and find writing partners - because writing doesn't have to be solitary!

Weekly accountability & support

Attend weekly events inside the group - don't worry, this isn't anything overwhelming!

Our accountability events are chilled group writing sessions or sprints where you can show up and leave whenever you want to.

I also host office hours where you can pop in to chat to me about your progress, ask questions, and get help with your novel.

Surprise workshops

Whatever workshops we decide to host at The Plottery over the next year, you'll have first dibs on it.

The topics of the workshops will be determined by you, and whatever you want to take a deeper dive into. This is a great way to shake up your usual writing routine to work on something different for a little while.

Count me in!


But that's not it....


I did promise you bonuses, right?

BONUS: Writer Unblocker video course

3-module bonus course crafted specifically to help you:
  • overcome your mental blockades and¬†reframe writing into a positive activity step-by-step (bye-bye, writer's block!)
  • sell¬†the story to yourself before you try to sell it to someone else and find unwavering confidence in your¬†work
  • critically identify your own issues within your story and avoid common writing pitfalls

BONUS: Novel in a Year Notion workspace

A personalized workspace directly in the Notion app where you can track your progress, goals and learning.

Here's everything you get inside:

  • A month-by-month and week-by-week recommended schedule to make sure the program doesn't feel overwhelming
  • Optimized schedule adjustments depending on your writer personality - Are you a Nurture Writer, Structure Writer or a Soft Plotter?
  • Trackers for your course progress, writing goals, and extra reading
  • In-workspace templates, such as character sheets, moodboard building, and an awesome chapter organizer
  • Note-keeping and writing spaces¬†where you can type your novel directly
  • A focus room¬†where you can build your custom sound atmosphere and set focus times for your writing sessions

This massive workspace is yours to keep for good.

BONUS: Digital library

E-Books library & cheatsheets

Course workbooks for Novel Plotting Academy and Pro at Prose and bonus resource booklets amounting to  300+ pages of learning and exercises.

Additional cheatsheets for prose writing and resource vaults, all in pdf format you can keep for a lifetime.

Templates & spreadsheets

From chapter treatments to character sheets, my iconic 1-page outline, vocabulary banks, character voice templates and more.

These templates are all fully customizable and can be filled in directly through a pdf viewer or edited and customized inside Canva.

I'm ready!

This is everything you get by enrolling today:

Novel Plotting Academy

VALUED AT $1,500

Pro at Prose


Writer Unblocker


Novel in a Year: Notion Workspace


Live Support & Community


Accountability weekly events


Surprise workshops


Digital library & templates



The total value of this program is over $3,000...

You can get the entire Soft Plotting Program for:


$97 / m

$67 / m

12 installments of $67 billed monthly

✅ Instant 1-year access to the entire learning curriculum

✅ Instant lifetime access to all digital workbooks, exercises, templates, and the personal Notion workspace

‚úÖ 1 year of live support with accountability events and office hours

✅ Additional surprise workshops

✅ All included bonuses


This program is currently closed for enrollments, but doors will be opening again soon. 

Sign up to the waitlist and you will receive an update as soon as a spot becomes available! 


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Prefer to pay in full? With the joining price, you can get the program for $999 $777 when spots open.

Hear it from my clients first...

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Here's everything you get today:

This is for you if…

If you find yourself constantly questioning whether your project is good enough and getting stuck in writer's block. You don't have clarity on your project or you need some support and accountability. 

Once you’re done with this program, you should have confidence about your writing and knowledge to repeat this process for any book your write again. You should have a transformed relationship with writing, so that it never feels like an impossible task again.

This course is great for:

  • beginning writers
  • seasoned writers looking to shake up¬†writing approach and learn something new
  • writers who struggle¬†to actually write
  • writers¬†who want support and accountability


This course is not for:

  • writers looking for magic tricks to¬†get them writing¬†
  • writers unwilling to put effort into practice
  • writers unwilling to shed their excuses and open their minds to a nurturing, positive approach
  • writers who don't want to¬†find¬†a deeper purpose in their writing



No more crippling self-doubt or unhealthy relationships to writing…

It’s time to stop forcing unattainable routines and making yourself hate writing even more.

This program aims to give you a truly transformative year-long journey to teach you more about writing and change your attitude to a positive outlook so you can enjoy writing like a kid again. You won't need a writing routine, because you'll want to write all the time, anyway.

I'm ready!

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