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So you've written your book.

... and it might just need a little bit of TLC.

What you need now is to find someone you can trust to shape your manuscript into a page-turner.

This is who I aim to be for my clients.

Hi, I’m Jasmina!

I’m a fiction writer and poet, as well as an editor.

Who Am I?

This is, as of yet, undetermined, but I’ll lay down the basics for you.


I’m a London native yet, despite having the city at my fingertips, I’ve always been fascinated by the worlds within stories. I’ve also, peculiarly, got an American accent (thanks mum). I wrote my first book or, rather, attempted to write my first book when I was seven. Since then, it’s been hard to keep a pen out of my hand or my fingers from straying to my keyboard.

I studied English Literature and Creative Writing before pursuing my MA in Contemporary Literature at King’s College London.


While doing my undergrad, I also started working for a small publishing house, before, five years later, starting my own publishing company, Little Lion Press. I have six years of editing experience working with a wide variety of genres, from literary fiction to non-fiction to poetry to fantasy.

About Jasmina

How’d I get started doing this?

Well, I was that friend that you really wanted to be awake at 2am the night before an essay was due. I quickly realised, from editing friends’ work for university, that I had a knack for critiquing in a way that not only fixed the immediate problem, but helped prevent my friends from making the same mistakes again. I applied for my first position at a publishing house and here we are!


So, what are the different types of editing and which might you need? Click here to find out more!


My Writing

I write a pretty eclectic mix of stuff, but predominantly I write poetry and fantasy. I published my first anthology, Gallery Tour Through Grey Matter, and fantasy book, Fire of the Blood, with my publishing house in 2021.


I’m particularly drawn to literature with accurate depictions of mental illness and trauma, as well as those that touch upon themes of perseverance and found family.

this is what my clients say

Here's what working with me would look like!


We jump on a quick call together.

Before we start working together, I like to have a chat with you to find out more about your project and allow you to ask any questions you might still have about this service.

If we decide we're a good fit to work together, we move forward!


You get a free sample edit.

I offer a free edit of the first page of your manuscript if you're interested in working together! This way - you can be sure that my input is exactly what you need for your book.


I get started on your full draft.

I work to polish your draft and get you the most constructive feedback on your work. I will keep in touch with you over e-mail to update you on the progress as I go. The editing takes up to 8 weeks.


You get a polished manuscript.

I return the finished manuscript to you and we have one final call to chat about it. You now have a page-turner, and I - the exclusive right to brag about having read it first (before it became an NYT bestseller).

How it works

What you can expect

...out of your polished manuscript.


I will point out my observations as a reader and a writer - does your plot work? Are your characters believable? Are your chapters working? And I will leave advice to fix any potential issues I notice.


I'll get into the nitty gritty of your writing style, to improve your sentence structure & readability. I'll also take some time to look over your formatting and general chapter structure.


I will point out the spelling mistakes, grammar issues, typos or wrong punctuation, make sure your style is consistent, clean and polished.


The editing prices are based on the word count of your novel! These are guide prices for a single edit of that specific word count.

The actual price will vary depending on your specific word count.

Flash-fiction (2,000 words) - $79

Short stories (10,000 words) - $229

Novellas (40,000 words) - $799

Novels (90,000 words) - $1,499

Novels (120,000 words) - $1,999

Novels (200,000 words) - $3,399 

Above 200,000: bespoke

All prices are in US Dollars, and there are no hidden VAT or service charge costs.

What are the payment options?

For larger projects (novellas & novels), you'd split your investment into two instalments - you'd pay half once you're happy for me to start work, and the other half in 8 weeks time, when your manuscript is finished.

I'm also able to have a chat about different payment plans to suit your needs and your financial situation and to make the investment more manageable. 



Head over to Char for her 1:1 coaching.

She can take you from an idea to your first draft in her 3-month program - Power Plotter, teaching all the secrets of easy novel plotting along the way.

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