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I'm Char. I take writers just like you from an idea to a completed novel using the power of outlining.

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I'm Char, currently in my mid-twenties, and living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved out here when I was 17 from Croatia, where I was born. I supported myself since, mostly working minimum-wage jobs to put myself through higher education, wanting to learn absolutely everything about story structure.

When I was finally in a position to do so, I invested in a small business course in 2022, and put all of my energy, love and dedication into what is now - The Plottery.

The reason I'm sharing this is because I am often told just how lucky I am to be my own boss, and to be doing what I love. I'm not. None of it has ever been luck. It was my own decisions and my consistent hard work that brought me here, and I'm still learning, improving and growing every day. I moved to a foreign country by myself when I was still a kid, and spent the subsequent 7 years trying to make something that I would be proud of. I failed more times than I can count and learned so much.

Today, I'm so proud to be the founder of The Plottery, and to get to work with so many wonderful writers on their ideas.

My approach has always been grounded in the belief that anyone can achieve whatever they set out to, and I'm my own best proof of this.

Anybody can write a book worth reading and raving about. I've worked with editors, other coaches, and complete beginners alike, and the thing that sets them ahead is not talent or skill - it's dedication.

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1:1 Writer Coaching

Power Plotter is my signature 4 -month coaching program where you get my full support and consistent feedback on your project. Now with two new coaches & more spots available.

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Book Editing

Apply to Jasmina or Beck, our two editors here to take your pet project and turn it into a professionally polished manuscript - ready for submission.

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Soft Plotting Program

My first live 1 year program to write your full draft and transform your relationship with writing in a meaningful way. Includes our entire learning library.

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The Writer's ToolBoox Collection

3 extensive E-books with easy writing theory, step-by-step process on planning your project and dozens of fully customizable Canva templates.


  • The Character Bible
  • The Plotter's Almanac
  • The World Builder's Chronicle
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The Youtube Channel

Video series to help you improve your writing skills & mindset!

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I upload weekly videos to your topic suggestions, to make writing feel way less overwhelming.

Sometimes it's so much easier to grasp things and let go of limiting beliefs when you hear someone talk about it!

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