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"A friendly, engaging guide to finishing your first novel, full of helpful tips and techniques."

D. V. Bishop, Author of the Award-winning Cesare Aldo Novels

"This practical and invaluable resource helps beginner authors get to the heart of their story, fill in the gaps, and get across the finish line. For writers looking for a quick and informative roadmap, look no further."

Cynthia Merrill, Editor & Writing Coach


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This invaluable fiction writer’s guide is the resource you need to start—and, more importantly, finish—that novel that you’ve been itching to write!

Using her tried-and-true methods, writing coach Char arms you with all the knowledge you need to jump feet first into putting your story to paper. Through her engaging instruction, you’ll learn how to craft interesting, complex characters that your readers will root for (or against!), avoid plot holes, pacing issues and other common pitfalls that can trip up new writers, write effective dialogue and so much more!

Whether you’re writing a contemporary thriller, a historical romance or anything in-between, Char’s instruction and hands-on exercises will jumpstart your creative juices and help you fight through writer’s block, nail your character’s voice and write effective dialogue and finally finish the novel you’ve been dreaming of.

This book takes you through the process I use with 30+ clients and 200+ students to prepare, plot, and write their books. This is a no-bull method that gives you easy-to-understand theory on the writing craft and plentiful examples on how to utilize this for your own project!

You will learn:

  • How to prepare a project without missing any key aspects
  • How to find the heart of your story and identify your themes
  • How to write a strong and compelling book blurb
  • How to craft complex and layered characters who can carry the story for you
  • How to go from idea and characters, to a full outline with chapter treatments
  • How to choose the correct narrative perspective for your project
  • How to write prose easier


You will also have:

  • Examples of character sheets for both your major and your minor characters
  • A step-by-step method on how to create your one page outline
  • An example of my character tree method to identify the characters who are most important to your story
  • Character exercises to help you get to know your characters better
  • Motivation exercises for whenever you run into a wall with your project, designed to get you unstuck
  • And plenty more exercises to improve your writing craft!


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❀️ Hi, I'm Char! β€οΈ


I have a degree in Filmmaking & Screenwriting, and an MA in Creative Writing, living up in the cloudy country of πŸ“ScotlandπŸ“, where I moved 8 years ago from my home country - Croatia.

I started The Plottery in 2021, sharing writing tips & tricks, and slowly accumulated a strong following of aspiring writers. As people came to me asking for help with their writing struggles, I decided to listen!

Now I coach aspiring writers and teach them how to finish their novel without the struggles they are used to experiencing. I've worked with over 20 personal clients and 200+ students in my Novel Plotting Academy.

Because of my background in film studies, my novel planning methods have roots in writing for screen! I believe screenwriting holds the best secrets to no fluff storytelling, strong plots, vivid characters and natural “show not tell” methods - and it's the reason I've decided to write this book!

πŸ‘‡ Here's what my personal coaching clients say about the methods in this book


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Get the easy no-bull methods you need to finally finish that story in your head.

Writing doesn't have to be hard.