L. T. Ellis


These books are every writer's dream! I’ve ordered other workbooks before, but they’re always fill-in-the-blank with a bunch of repeat pages and weird, irrelevant questions. 

This is the first one I’ve seen that actually has invaluable reference material and explains why certain elements are important. Plot, Character creation and world building are the three major pillars to telling an engaging story, and if one falls flat it can capsize the whole boat.

These workbooks will guide your creative process and help you elevate your story without stripping away the fun or originality. Ugh, I’m in love! Not to mention there’s customizable templates so you can interweave your story while learning.

The Character Bible

Shows you all the fundamental steps in creating a strong character, with plentiful examples and masterlists to source your inspiration from.

This is a 50 page E-book that gives you custom templates, but also teaches you how to use them properly. You'll get all the steps to creating an interesting character who can carry the story every time. You'll get:

👉 3x designs of fully customizable 5-page Canva character sheets with character questionnaires

👉 The ins and outs of creating a strong character arc through the combination of internal and external motivations

👉 The meaning behind having a good backstory

👉 Masterlists of names, motivations, virtues, flaws, physical & voice descriptors

👉 Examples of character archetypes, full arcs & ways to master character description in your writing

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The Plotter's Almanac

Teaches you the fundamentals of story structure, writing blurbs, finding story questions, themes, subplots making outlines & chapter treatments.

This is a 50 page E-book that gives you story outlines, but also teaches you how to use them properly. You'll get all the steps to go from an interesting premise to a meaningful and fully fleshed story treatment.

👉 Outline templates for the 3-act, 5-act, & Save the Cat structures

👉 Chapter treatments & project overviews; monthly, weekly & daily writing trackers

👉 Masterlists of story questions, themes & genres

👉 The catchy book blurb formula

👉 The narrative perspectives breakdown & how to choose the right one for your story with examples

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The World-Builder's Chronicle

Teaches you the steps in crafting a fictional world from scratch while providing plentiful resources of masterlists and making the process easier by asking you the right questions.

This is a 46 page E-book that gives you custom templates for crafting & organizing your world, but also teaches you how to use them properly. You'll get all the steps to creating an immersive world and easily translating what you see onto the page.

👉 World plans & trackers to keep you organized

👉 World building questionnaires by category

👉 Masterlists of jobs, sectors, and political structures

👉 Two customizable maps on Canva

👉 The breakdown on world immersion through prose

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Fully customize your templates through Canva

They are all made to work with a free Canva account. 

Grab them in a set! (3 for the price of 2)

What you'll get:

  • The Character Bible
    • Step-by-step character crafting method that always works
    • Theory on the craft of strong characters
    • Masterlists to help spark your imagination
    • 3x designs of fully customizable Canva templates (5-page character sheets with questionnaires)
  • The Plotter's Almanac
    • Step-by-step plotting method that always works
    • Theory on important plotting elements, such as premises, themes, story questions, subplots...
    • Breakdowns of the 5-act, 3-act, and Save the Cat outlines
    • Fully customizable Canva templates for: 3-act Structure, 5-Act Structure, Save the Cat Structure, Chapter Treatments, and Writing Trackers 
  • The World Builder's Chronicle
    • Step-by-step methods for building a fictional world from scratch
    • Theory to teach you how to build and write immersive worlds in your story
    • Masterlists of helpful resources, such as common job sectors, political structures, and similar.
    • Fully customizable Canva templates for: A tracker, a World Plan, and 7-page World Questionnaires
    • 2x Fully Customizable Canva Map Templates
Get the full set

All three E-books are in the PDF format, with links to the Canva templates inside them (on the second-to last page of each E-book).

You can then edit the templates how you wish and download in any format from Canva, or print them.

Want just a single E-book?

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