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Picture this:

You scour the interwebs for help with your writing style, your dialogue skills, or your narrative voice.

And what do you get?

"Just keep writing, and you'll get better!"

"Listen to real-life conversations!"

"Read more books!"

Surely, you think, that cannot be the only way.



What would it feel like to know you can control the quality of your writing just by learning a few simple

writing and editing techniques?

I believe in coming up with easy-to-follow methods for writers to improve on their craft, rather than telling you what 99% of the writing community does, which is:

"The only way to get better is to write."

Yeah, that’s true to some extent… But it's not useful, and it's not going to get you results quickly. 

My writing would have never improved if I didn’t get off my butt to read and analyse and actively learn things that would better my prose.

And I want to teach you how to do the same.

Do you want to finally feel confident in your writing style?

Craft gut-wrenching lines
Find your unique 
Without analyzing a million books? 

Yes, there is actually a method, and a skill to good writing, and it has nothing to do with talent.


Master the art of the written word without reading a million books.
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Eve van der Ploeg

IG: @evevanderploeg

"I wrote a whopping 500,000 words, and after editing that for the 3rd time, I felt a little lost. When I started Char's program, I learned not only what my book was about, but also how to turn it into a compelling story.

Only the first module of this course has already taught me so much about showing instead of telling that I now notice this principle in every book I read."

Margaret Claire

IG: @margaretclairewrites

"I was anxious to hear back from Char, as she was the first person outside of my trusted friends and family to read my manuscript. One huge sigh of relief later: I'm so happy with her feedback! She offered such a nice combination of praise with valuable line edits and comments.

It didn't overwhelm me, and it felt well-balanced and super actionable. I feel excited about my story again and this editing experience has really empowered me to make this story the best it can be."

...so why should you trust me?

My basic editing principles

When I first started editing manuscripts and coaching writers, I would often run into this really awkward moment…

I’d make a change or a suggestion to something they wrote.

They’d ask me why?

I couldn’t explain why something sounded more right than something else 😂 I just knew this was the right way. And that is often the way it goes whenever you ask a pro for writing advice, right?

They’ll say these are just things you pick up on the more you read and the more you write.


What I learned quite quickly was that this was just an excuse for someone who didn’t know how to teach.

Because there’s a massive difference in knowing how to write versus knowing how to teach writing.

So I made it my mission to be able to explain absolutely every change I made and advice I gave to all of my clients whenever I changed something in their story.

Not only does that actually teach them why something is a mistake or a weaker choice of wording, but it also leaves them the option to understand whether it’s something they should change in the first place.

Sometimes, they make that choice on purpose, and it’s related to theme or creativity. And that should be okay!

So while other author-teachers will tell you to ‘just write and read more and you’ll eventually get better’, I want to actually show you how.

I’ll never tell you that ALL you need to do is read more books and practice your writing. Yes OF COURSE you do, it doesn’t take a genius to know that. But you can speed up the process so much when it’s broken down by someone who’s been working on these editorial methods and knows how to teach them to you.

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Laura's experience

"I learned so much about the English language, the rules of craft and industry expectations."

I worked with Laura on a 1-1 coaching basis for the past 6 months in which she completed two full drafts of her novel, while learning about and applying all the prose writing methods I teach in Pro at Prose.

Laura has incredibly strong dialogue writing skills but needed help balancing out other elements, such as narration and description, to make her flow and immersion stronger and take her novel to the next level.

I want to help you go from:

feeling uncertain about whether your writing is any good 😖


Having a proven method that helps you self-edit your words to a quality you know reads well. 😎

The 5 steps of the full curriculum:

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But that's not everything... You also get:

The bonuses!

Editing cheatsheets and templates

My personal editing cheatsheets filled with rules and best practices for line-editing. It comes with dialogue formatting rules, redundant word lists, and a common prose issues list.

Course guidebook

The 180-page guidebook with summaries & transcripts of each lesson so you can have the course on the go if you don't have time to watch the videos or print it out!

Unique exercises and prompts

Each crafting step of the module comes with its own unique exercises made specifically to develop your descriptive and creative muscles.

Community of writers

A group chatting space with your peers inside the same course where you can exchange prose for feedback and make valuable connections.

Here's a recap of everything you're getting:

👉 Online writing course 👈

👉 Craft guidebook 👈

👉 Templates & cheatsheets 👈

👉 Exercises 👈

👉 Community of writers 👈


Total value: $950

You can get Pro at Prose today for:


Three installments billed monthly

  • Instant lifetime course access
  • Writing exercises
  • Templates & style cheatsheets
  • Instant group chat access
  • Member support
  • Recurrent billing for 3 months
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More popular option


Pay in full and save $60

  • Instant lifetime course access
  • Writing exercises
  • Templates & style cheatsheets
  • Instant group chat access
  • Member support
  • One-time payment
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This is for you if…

If you find yourself repeating the same sentence structures, or find your writing falling flat or boring, or you just want to up your dialogue game! Once you’re done with this course, you should have the confidence and knowledge to know your prose is intriguing and can keep your readers hooked!

This course is great for:

  • beginning writers
  • seasoned writers looking to shake up their style and learn something new
  • writers who struggle with realism and telling instead of showing
  • writers who want to learn how to write more creatively
  • line editors in learning


This course is not for:

  • writers looking for magic tricks to better their writing 
  • writers unwilling to put effort into practice
  • writers who don't want to approach their writing with a deeper purpose



No more second-guessing yourself and whether your writing is amateur…


These are methods used by pros and book editors, and they don’t require you to take up linguistics.

It’s time to stop listening to feedback and advice from someone who can’t actually tell you WHY something you write doesn’t work, or show you how to do it better. I want you know why you make the choices you make when you write your prose, because THAT’S what’s going to make you a better writer.

I'm ready!


IG: @wickedmrwombat

"This course has been a tremendous help in identifying why my writing felt off and how to improve it.

For me, who enjoys crafting stories but dreads the actual writing process, it was a revelation that writing prose can be just as enjoyable as developing the characters and plot.

If you got all the greatest ideas in your head but don't know how to put them on the page, this course is for you!"


IG: @anime_mom527

"I feel I have improved quite a lot since starting this course. I understand more about how to give life to my characters and their surroundings.

Purchase this course, and you will find a new excitement for writing! It is easy to understand, concise, and will give you the confidence to move forward with your ideas."

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